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Reimaging Talent Together

These were some of the hot topics top global business schools and employers were looking to answer at the MBA Careers Services & Employer Alliance EMEA Conference in Barcelona. 


Our task was to create a networking session for over 100 participants that challenged them to think about how to develop their own Audacious Team Talent pipeline through the following themes: 

Attract  >  Transform  >  Perform

As we were in Barcelona, who better to help inspire the conference than the Castellers and our partners Top Green Towers. Rooted in Catalan tradition, this team has consistently regenerated, nurtured and retained talent, while remaining current. This is no fluke! They are achieving the seemingly impossible for over 200 years! 

“The world is changing rapidly. Talent is also changing as generations expect new things. How can MBA careers professional inspire the next generation of leaders and reskill the next managers? Are we ready for the future of work?”

Who said you couldn’t build a human tower in a short period time with a group of novices! Everyone had tonne of fun, created their own new story and shared language, while developing stronger bonds. 


Now the seemingly impossible was achieved, how do you consistently reimagine talent, while being agile and able to adapt to ensure remaining future-fit? 

Learning from the Castellers and reflecting on the experience:

Attract  – Consistently reach out to a wider pool of talent

Transform – Identify the market needs then engage & up-skill

Perform – Be bold, connecting talent with opportunity to provide transformational career experiences!

“Thanks for sharing your culture and being able to participate! It was really empowering to be able to do such an exercise in this short time.” 


Hey! We love to help and explore ideas together. Happy to share our thoughts. No commitment. 

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