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Knowledge Sharing Day at Warwick Business School

The Rising Stars are 100 accomplished women across 20 different industries in the middle of their career, just rising to senior leadership… the world is their oyster! 


Warwick Business School (WBS) hosted this year’s WeAreTheCity (WATC) Rising Star Alumni ‘knowledge sharing day’ around “Embracing Change” 

On the day, about 50 rising beaming stars arrived at the Shard to hear about entrepreneurial mindset, uncertainty, exploring new frontiers & overcoming barriers. At The Audax Generation Immersive Experience session we practiced TEAMING! 

“Thank you Martin and Fidel for your support of the team as always and for the energy and inspiration that you no doubt added to the day.”

Karen Barker
Director of Stakeholder Management at Warwick Business School



The Team is the functional unit of work in any organisation! So, we took the rising stars through the A, B, C, D of an AUDACIOUS TEAM: All Purposeful, Bold, Curious, Diverse. 

It all started with a future question: What could we achieve together that nobody else could? . Inspired by the ALL PURPOSEFUL Castellers (Human Towers), a seed to think big, to think beyond oneself and the team was planted.  

Then, we moved on to an introspective question: What is my super-power? . We invited the stars to be BOLD and join our impromptu ‘BA lounge’ at the 17th floor of the Shard. Destination? Get to know each other!

As the pairs started to get comfortable with each other, the music of change cut through the noise. Eight teams of new members were formed in a split! Of course, the only constant is change, and often we need to dance with new partners to work. How do we ensure that the message is not lost?  CURIOSITY and… Conga!!!

The Team that dances together, stays together… or so they say! To become an effective Team, one must be aware and able to work with other Teams. The Team of Teams interdependency sometimes results in conformity. But we challenge ‘vanilla culture’! as it is the least representative in any organisation. How do we maximise the diversity of the team? Gaining inspiration from the Castellers, we explored the benefits of recognising and exploiting DIVERSITY of thought across all Teams, to become a more resourceful, creative, resilient! 

“Such an interactive session, I literally smiled the whole way through. Feedback has been incredible. If there’s one organisation you want to build your team, this is it.

Vanessa Vallely, OBE CCMI
Author, Speaker, CEO, Founder of We are the City

“Loved your session guys, and your video and metaphor explaining the importance of – and in fact, essential need for, diversity really resonated. My colleague and I both felt quite emotional as we reflected on the session and our own team at Smile Box Thank you so much for the inspiration”

Donna Fisher
Entrepreneur and Rising Star Award Winner, 2023


The Rising Stars had a blast! They certainly had loads of fun practicing TEAMING through the A, B, C, D of an Audacious Team.!

A key part of this Learning Immersive Experience was the STORYTELLING, PLAYING, & DANCING. It connected the group with stories, games, metaphors and each other’s emotions, thoughts, and reflections. Uncovering the unequal individual talents that conform the uniqueness of STRENGTHS & AMBITIONS of the Rising Stars 2023 TEAM.

Audacious Reference


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