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Our purpose is to Unlock Teams’ Potential

Everyone brings a unique superpower to their Organisation! We believe that audacity to maximise human potential and exploit diversity across generations is the key to success. Hence The Audax Generation.

Uncover your superpower

We help you tap into what makes you unique and bring people together around a common purpose to achieve great things.

When experiences are shared, thoughts are challenged, the power of diversity exploited, the Team superpower is unlocked.

Unleash your creativity

You and your team have all the ideas and inspiration you need, our job is to create a situation that sparks your Teams’ creativity.

When diversity and creativity collide, Teams are capable of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Unlock your Audacious Team

Audacious Teams are All-Purposeful, know how to maximize Human Potential and embrace Diversity of Thought. Always Curious, they are willing to Disrupt the Status Quo to remain Future-Fit.

Together we will design a bespoke Immersive Experience to spark your Team’s Audacity and provide long term added value.


Throughout our journey we have learnt, sometimes the hard way, that no matter the organisation, it is all about people, their talents and how those are nurtured and combined to thrive in the pursuit of a greater purpose.

Today, teams are dynamic, diverse, ever evolving. Looking to help teams’ unlock their combined potential, we founded The Audax Generation, that delivers immersive experiences bespoke to the team’s needs.

We – Fidel and Martin have over forty years combined experience in various strategic roles in the Energy and Pharmaceutical Sectors. We both have an MBA, Fidel from Henley Business School and Martin from Warwick Business School. We’re also qualified and practicing coaches.

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