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A guide to maximise engagement, teaming and possibilities

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, where remote work, hybrid models, and flexible schedules have become the norm, off-site meetings serve as pivotal touchpoints, essential for enhancing employee engagement, fostering team cohesion, and nurturing a vibrant company culture of possibilities.  

Within the realm of off-site meetings, every interaction carries the potential for transformative outcomes. The question is, how could you effectively Maximise your Off-site Meetings? 


When it comes to maximising the potential of off-site meetings, think of these gatherings as strategic touchpoints designed to propel your team and company culture forward. When crafting an impactful Off-site Meeting, 

1. Be Intentional. Embed Off-site meetings in your way of working. 

Use off-site meetings to connect the day-to-day practice with the Company’s current situation and purpose. Bring your talent together, practice teaming and gain deeper connections.  

Our friends at Hotjar, where everyone works remotely, integrate Team and Company Meet-ups as part of their business practice. This allow Hotjarians to engage socially and create the sense of community that builds on their company culture. Amazing, They really know how to build team connections! 

2. Get Focus. Be creative.

Short and frequent engagements yield more significant impact than condensed annual events. Need help organising off-site meetings? There are lots of organisations that can help. These are some of our favourites, 

  • NextRetreat, destination and venue discovery, team trip management, budget estimator, visa insights to bring your remote team together. 
  • KotusWellness, focus on wellbeing, mindfulness and recharging inside out in your corporate wellness. 

3. Be impactful. Design Immersive Experiences .

Whatever the time or budget, make the off-site meeting impactful, that is energising, memorable, and actionable.  

Create a storyline, curate the information presented (less is more!), design a variety of engaging activities for everyone. Break the routine! Be bold, find alternative ways of engaging your team in the task at hand. Make these touchpoints the impetus for creating opportunity, driving impact, and forming long lasting memories!  


Imagine Monday morning, after the Off-site meeting; what would you like to be different? At The Audax Generation our goal is to give your team a unique immersive experience that relates to your business objectives and adds long term value.  

We can help plan, design, and deliver audacious experiences so every touchpoint is connected and counts to propel the Team/Organisation forward. We design vibrant Immersive Experiences bespoke to you. Using inspiring stories, energising games, and thought-provoking metaphors, so your team will bond, have fun together, and reimagine what is possible.

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