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Is it better to have an HR strategy or a human-centric strategy when scaling your team? 

In case you missed our DisruptHR talk, we can give you the low down to help you decide.

As business leaders, we believe in the power of human potential rather than humans being resources. It’s the secret ingredient for successful hiring and making sure your team remains future fit. 

Let’s being with a story to demonstrate…

Employer X is stressed. His employee, Lisa, has quit. He’s been left in the lurch and doesn’t know what to do. He approaches a recruiter, desperate for a solution. 

“I’ve spent so much time investing in Lisa’s development”, says Employer X, “but she’s gone. I need help…fast!”

The recruiter’s first step is to ask what Employer X’s short- and long-term goals are. 

His response? “I don’t have time to think about that. I need someone to help me now.” 

The recruiter next asks whether he’s engaged the team – teams usually have great ideas! But Employer X doesn’t have time for discussions. He just wants the position filled now.

So the recruiter fills the vacancy. 

Shortly after, Employer X returns to the recruiter. “We have this new recruit, but they’re not performing as well as we were expecting. Can you help me get them up to speed?”

The recruiter’s reply? “It’s time to start doing things differently and recruiting more strategically. Involve your teams…And by the way, I’ve spoken to Lisa. She was interested in opportunities with your business but felt stuck on the treadmill. It’s too late now – she’s joining a customer.”

Does this scenario feel familiar? 

If not in your current business, chances are you’ve experienced it elsewhere, because it’s a very typical lifecycle of an employee. 

This kind of situation often starts out with an outdated job description, which in turn means a very steep learning curve. Eventually, it leads to people, like Lisa, getting stuck on a treadmill with no progression opportunities. They’re bored and don’t know what to do next, so opportunities start to fade, performance drops, and they think about leaving. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. 

How can I turn my hiring strategy around?

Did you know that purposeful companies can attract talent, often without even having to advertise? The solution is to remember that people matter just as much as your company, so employing someone means creating a win-win for both parties.

And to keep them? Build an environment that allows people to thrive and grow. Encourage them to create new opportunities themselves. They’ll become advocates of your business and maybe even create an alumnus…rather than a Lisa!

Human-Centric Hiring Strategy Framework

Want to make sure you’re a human-centric strategist, instead of an HR strategist? We’ve designed a framework comprising just four simple tips to help.

Tip 1 – Free up capacity. 

Feel you’re doing way too much admin? Look at how you can automate processes and make them more efficient. 

Tip 2 – Gain new capabilities.  

Get involved with the business. Learn more about it so as HR or a business leader, you can influence and implement.

Tip 3 – Connect with the business and stakeholders. 

Unite with different departments and functions. Not sure how your sales team works? Join them for a few days. 

Tip 4 – Adopt a growth mindset. 

Challenge the status quo to remain future fit. Don’t continue to do things because they’ve always been done this way. 

We challenge you to become a human-centric strategist. Give it a try to unlock human potential, bolster purpose and remain future fit. If you’d like to watch the full recording of our DisruptHR talk, you’ll find it here. Or, for more help in creating an audacious team, get in touch with us today.

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