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Start-Ups Growth Tipping Point

Successful High Growth Start-Ups explode! Rapid growth could mean passing the tipping point of effective communication and collaboration, without even noticing. This is particularly true when you are a globally distributed team of teams. 



Energising, fun, engaging session with a focus on communication and collaboration to kick-off their annual conference.

Over 220 Hotjarians’ (kudos to Hotjar to coming up with such a cool name for their employees) descended on a hotel just north of Barcelona.

The experience was really good. I think it’s been one of the best experiences that I’ve been to and I was fairly sceptical at the beginning on how that would fit our company exercises. Kudos, and thanks for organizing it :)”

What at first looked like an inspirational talk about audacious teams, purposely led onto a full-on engaging set of activities. We played, we laughed, and connected with one another while developing a shared language. Plus adding a little competitive spirit to see who could build the most impressive human tower. 

Perhaps the most powerful part was the realisation of what they achieved, and the powerful reflections that followed from the experience. Creativity pursued, fuelled with the believe they can do anything, including the seemingly impossible.


Due to the pandemic, this was the first annual meeting in over two years, over that time Hotjar had seen incredible growth. This was the first time many people were meeting, let alone figuring out how to best collaborate going forward. 

Their aim is to continually learn, evolve, while finding the best way to communicate and collaborate the Hotjarian way! 

They came out of the experience with plenty of energy and motivation to carry on building their communication and collaboration plan that fit their ever growing organisation. 

But they got so much more! Seeing how people react in ways you don’t see remotely, creating human connections and ‘little’ moments that will stay with them forever.


Hey! We love to help and explore ideas together. Happy to share our thoughts. No commitment. 

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