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By weaving together these four strands, Audacious TEAMS enhance their chances of achieving exceptional outcomes, making groundbreaking progress, while developing as individuals and as a TEAM. 


This strand emphasizes the importance for the TEAM to have a clear reason to exist and direction. It implies that every TEAM member understands and is committed to the overall goal they are working towards. 


This strand suggest that the TEAM is characterized by their willingness to pursue ambitious endeavours. Not afraid of thinking big or taking risks, they challenge the status-quo and push boundaries to achieve extraordinary results together.


This strand highlights the TEAMS’ desire to expand their knowledge. Curiosity encourages a constant desire to learn, explore new possibilities, and seek innovative solutions. It involves asking questions, challenging assumptions, and maintaining a growth-minded approach. 


This strand emphasizes the value of the TEAM’s heterogeneity of backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and experiences. By enabling to flourish and bringing together the inherent diversity of thinking, TEAMS benefit from broader range of ideas, and build a stronger resilience network. 

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